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Girls Night In



Kirby had her knees pressed to her chest as her eyes went through row after row of dvd cases. Her mind every so often interrupted by the popping sounds coming from the other room. “And I am kinda okay that you are kinda okay with that.” She replied into her knees, hardly audible for the other teenager to hear her. Then her glossy nail dug out The Worlds End from the shelf, “Hope you are kinda okay with fast paced English humour,”

She was. She always was. And she knew for a matter of fact that Jill nor Charlie would have any complaints on their part. “I chose us The Worlds End. Have you seen it yet?” She asked, not waiting for a response, “Really good, this movie foreshadows itself from beginning to end, no going wrong with this one, so pay attention.” She smiled with her teeth when Jesse walked into the room, “Any word from the others about them coming?”

"My favorite kind of humor." Jesse said, strolling into the room. He dropped onto the couch and placed the popcorn on the table in front of them. "That’s the one with the guy from Star Trek, right? And the zombie movie you and Jill watch all the time? Consider me in." He pulled his feet up Indian style on the couch and pulled out his phone, silently counting his blessings. 

With this crew, a comedy was definitely a new choice- one that he would be happy to take. “He just texted me a few minutes ago I think he’s swinging by to pick Jill up on the way. They should be here shortly. Jesse flashed her a smile. “Hey- thanks for not inviting Robbie and Olivia. They’re super awesome and you know I love them but- I can do without all the ‘new couple’ hormones.”

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Girls Night In

There was little in Woodsboro that could be deemed as exciting- unless someone’s parents were out of town. Then everything changed. Jesse Grayson moved around the island in Kirby’s kitchen towards the microwave and pulled the door open before he dropped a bag of popcorn inside it. “Honestly- I am kind of okay that you didn’t throw a rager.” Jesse said, closing the microwave door. “Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party but I prefer popcorn and movies over dumb drunk skanks and roid’ raging footballers anyday.” 

Jesse had never really had a lot of luck at parties. Sure he was social enough, but he much preferred smaller groups of close friends over masses of people he barely talked to. The teen was immersed in that enough during school, he could use a break from the awful CW high school drama that Woodsboro High School had begun to become. 

It’s about to get real! The night is going out with a bang. Or should i say slash?


Character Locations! Know where you are!

Charles and Kirbs are together. Scott is nearby. 

Jill is out of the game. Presumably with Noah.

Jesse and Trevor are at the largest tree. 

Kelsie is a corpse. :(

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Where Are You

(I was listening to Lay Me Down by Michelle Branch and I couldn’t help but get all of the feels and wanna write something. It’s been a crazy few months and I could use a little trip to Woodsboro. This scene takes place in the latest continuity. Jesse and Trevor are a thing, Trevor was just released from police custody after Robbie and Olivia’s death proved that he was not behind the murders.)

 Trevor sat at the edge of his bed, motionless. It had been nearly 24 hours since he’d gotten home and he’d not really moved since. His mother had finished doting on him the night before, realizing that the teen was just too numb to care- so she’d left him along with his thoughts. All of them.

His mind went from the things he would rather be doing to the things that he’d already done and then back to Jesse. Poor sweet Jesse. And Robbie, and Olivia, and Scott and all their friends who had been scrubbed off of the planet by a madman with a knife. No horror movie showed this part of the story. 

They never showed the anxiety, the numbing memories that replayed over and over in the survivor’s head of their dead friends. And they never showed the guilt that came with life. His fingers danced against each other as he bit hit lip and focused his eyes on the grooves in the hardwood floor in front of him. 

How had he never noticed how dirty his floor was? If he died tomorrow, would this be something that could be brought up in his obituary? Trevor Sheldon was an athlete, secretly gay for the comissioner’s son, and had really dirty floors in his room. He will be missed by his absentee mother and alcoholic father. 

Would they miss him? Would they feel how he felt now thinking of his friends? The black hole sinking deeper and deeper into his chest was consuming him slowly. Would his mom and dad feel that? Would they become shut ins and refuse to talk to anyone? With his luck they would just use the entire thing to get money. 

As the thoughts of his mother crying openly on Ellen flashed in his head- the doorbell rang. Trevor nearly jumped out of his skin, shaken from his thoughts. He looked up at his closed door, waiting to hear the voice of a police officer or someone threatening to take him back to jail. 

At the moment, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Maybe it was the best thing. 

"Trevor," His mother said, not opening the door. "It’s for you."

The rain outside was relentless against the umbrella. Jesse looked down at his wet shoes as he waited at the closed glass door of the Sheldon house. He hadn’t been invited in, he noticed. Trevor’s mom had to know by now. With all the depositions, the way Jesse had acted when Trevor was taken into custody- she’d be a fool not to know. 

He could hear footsteps near the door. They were heavy and light at the same time, Jesse knew immediately that it was Trevor. They hadn’t seen each other since the night Scott was murdered. It was only six days but it felt like it had been months. When the door opened, Jesse drew in a sharp breath. 

Trevor looked weathered. He clearly hadn’t been sleeping and was still in the same thing he’d been wearing the night he was arrested- a white tee shirt and black slim jeans. The image of him in that outfit being pushed into the back of a police car in front of Jesse’s house would forever be burned into his mind. 

"Hey," Trevor said, stepping onto the front porch. He was barely covered by the awning above the door as he closed it behind him. 

"Hey." Jesse returned. He stared into Trevor’s eyes for a moment, trying so hard to understand what he’d been through, but the teen turned away after a few seconds. "Do you know what today was?" Jesse asked, his voice soft, almost hoarse.

"Yeah." He shoved his hands into his pockets. Looking at Jesse was too much of a reminder of how much he’d failed lately. Anytime he looked at the other teen he just saw the pain and fear that seemed to be stretched across his face recently. 

"And-" Jesse caught his breath in his throat."Where were you?"

"I couldn’t make it."

"Oh?" Jesse said, gripping his umbrella tighter. "I guess you can just catch the next one, right?" The sympathy in Jesse’s voice was slowly cooling. 

"That’s not funny-"

"No." Jesse stepped closer to Trevor. "No. It’s not funny. I had to sit and watch two of my best friends get buried today, something that I have had to do a lot lately and you weren’t there. Kirby was there. Charlie and Jill and Noah were there- God even Ethan was there but you, the one person I needed to see most-" 

"Jesse it’s not that easy-"

"No, it is." Jesse dropped the umbrella. "I was there for you Trevor. I tried to visit you every day and they said I couldn’t. I was told that you didn’t want to see me- and I thought that maybe it was your mom or your dad or your lawyers or some other force trying to keep me away from you and that when you found out- when you were free you would find me. You always find me and this time…" The emotion in his throat started to choke his words as he tried to speak. 

"Jesse, please. I wanted to be there-"

"I found the bodies." Jesse said flatly. "He texted me from Robbie’s phone. He lured me to that house to fine them- both of them." Jesse drew in a sharp breath. What he said next was barely audible, just a whisper. "He was my best friend."

Broken, Jesse screamed out internally for Trevor to grab him, to hold him in his arms and tell him that he was safe and they’d get through this. But he didn’t Trevor didn’t move, didn’t lift his gaze from his own shoes. There was a long pause between them before Trevor looked up at Jesse again. 

"You should go."


"Go home, Jesse." Trevor pulled his hands from his pockets and crossed his arms over his chest. "Please."

"Trevor…" Jesse said, feeling a chill of disbelief. 

"I mean it. This- all of this is my fault. The further away you stay from me, the safer you’ll be. Just… just go." Trevor took a step back from Jesse, his gaze falling even lower to hide the emotion that was racking through his chest. The black hole he’d felt before was growing, consuming him even more. 

"No." Jesse said firmly. "No, Trevor this isn’t your-"

"I SAID GO." The rise in his voice threw Jesse back. The teen flinched in response and immediately stepped back down the stoop. Trevor was pushing him away, he knew that. But this was different. This felt final. "Just… stay away from me. I mean it."

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Tessa Altman | Stray Dogs

This girl will join as a cast member if we regroup again. She needs to be Kirby’s rival.

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I was showing off some graphics to a potential client today

and they saw my Scre4mRP portraits and asked what they were about. I told them that it was just a television show I had in mind and what the general premise was about. 

Guys… we have a president of our first fanclub.