ooc I am serious. This is your crack Newspaper staff of reporters. Jesse Grayson, Maia Walsh, and Henry Thomas.

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Family: A Woodsboro AU One Shot

Full moons bring out the weirdos. That was pretty much the norm in Woodsboro- at least on the surface. But underneath the vine country and white picket fences, there were secrets. In the town of Woodsboro, there a things that go bump in the night. 

The Grayson family bumped back.

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OOC gonna be posting an AU one shot at some point tonight. Kind of peeing myself with how excited I am haha.

Expect some Jessey/Casse or whatever you call caseyxjesse.

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Party All The Time


Charlie gave Jesse the ‘what the fuck’ look, then pressed his palm to his forehead. “Jesse, how many times do I have to tell you that you can’t just go around kissing people? No matter how long you’ve been in love with them?” He dropped his hand, laughing lightly. He could only imagine Robbie’s reaction. If only he knew that there were feelings there, or ‘used to be’ as Jesse likes to claim. It’s a good thing Robbie is, naturally, very clueless, something that Charlie was not. 

He cringed. “Believe me. Been there. Something about telling him you’ll be there in five minutes just isn’t enough for him to, I dunno, put some clothes on? I swear he goes for the shock factor.” He finished writing out the text to Robbie, pressed send and threw the phone behind him on the bed. 

"So there has to be more to this random Robbie kiss."

"I promise you, it’s not what you think. This wasn’t some wonderful Taylor Swift moment." Jesse rolled his eyes, thinking of his own predictability. "He and I were arguing and in typical Robbie Mercer fashion he went too far and was pushing me- I mean that literally, he actually was pushing me- and so I shut him up the only way I know how to shut Robbie up." Jesse shrugged, making a small face. "Unsurprisingly it worked like a charm. I stopped him dead in his tracks." 

Jesse chuckled to himself as he moved back over to his bed, waiting for the blu ray to load in his player. “Sure- there was a split moment where I actually felt like yes, 14 year old me is so happy right now- but meh. He’s Robbie. Call me old fashioned but I actually like when a boy likes me back.” Jesse smiled a bit, mostly inwardly. “Call it progress or something. Your little baby unicorn is growing up.”

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ooc Cue Robbie?

Party All The Time



"It means pretending like we’re not shattered disinterested youths." Jesse offered before sitting up on the bed. "I can say this- it’s nice to feel normal again. I am starting to think playing the isolation game was a bad move on all our parts." He sighed internally and turned to Charlie. "Fair warning- I am about to get mushy. I honestly don’t know if I would have made it any longer without you, Chucky." He nudged Charlie with his shoulder as a make shift hug. As much as he knew Robbie didn’t like hugs, he wouldn’t put Charlie through it too. 

Jesse looked at the clock on the side table. They still had plenty of time before they needed to leave. “Wanna watch some Suspiria. I’m kind of in an Argento phase.” He raised his brow, waiting for Charlie’s impressed reaction. C’mon, he was quoting horror classics AND getting the director right.

Charlie gave Jesse a genuine smile, nodding. “I have to say, it was pretty horrible not having you there to force me to talk about my feelings and Robbie there to distract me from them.” That right there was the best way that Charlie could sum up his best friendship with Jesse and Robbie, two very different people that were there for him in two completely different ways. “Speaking of Robbie,” Charlie went on, digging his phone out of his pocket and pressing the unlock button. 

Before Charlie started typing, he gave Jesse the ‘really?’ face. He was surprised. It wasn’t often that Jesse actually requested a horror movie, let alone an Argento film. He brought up a hand to ruffle Jesse’s perfectly coiffed hair like a proud older brother, then made a fake happy-cry face. “They grow up so fast.” He chuckled, then continued his text to Robbie. “I should almost just open the window and yell.” 

"You know me, I am all about feelings. I told you I kissed him the other day right? He wouldn’t shut up so I just like- kissed the crap out of him." He shrugged. "It totally worked to. Then we watched The Following. He nodded, breaking into a chuckle. Jesse started to smooth down his hair and got up from the bed to get the movie ready. 

"I would text- you never know what you’re going to see." Jesse grabbed the blu ray from his shelf and popped it into the player under the television. "The other day I saw a little more Robbie than I wanted to. Even for someone who used to be in Taylor Swift with him. 

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ooc; I cant believe you guys are getting ready without robbie. I thought we resolved everything.

ooc: I can totally have Charlie shoot him a text to come over and watch ze movie? :)

do it do it do it.

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